Best Gifts For Long Distance Relationships

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Long distance relationships come with their own unique challenges. They also present a fantastic opportunity for a really thoughtful gift. In some ways, gift giving is even more important in long distance relationships, since you aren’t there in person. You hope that the gift you give will make your significant other think of you and smile. Here are our best gifts for long distance relationships.


23 Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Customizable Mug Set

These mugs can be customized with two states or countries to represent the distance between you and your love. They come in a set of two, so you can drink your coffee together, even when you’re not actually together.

Digital Picture Frame

This Nixplay Wifi Picture Frame works with the cloud so you can easily send your loved ones pictures directly from your smartphone. Upload memories of past adventures together or new photos to make it just a bit easier to be apart.

Special Pillowcase

If she likes to cuddle while she sleeps, this sweet pillowcase can offer a stand in when you have to be apart. Let her think about you while she’s hugging her pillow and drifting off to sleep every night.


These simple bracelets are the perfect way to remind each other that no matter how far away you are, you will always be under the same sky.


Let him think of you whenever he checks the time with this attractive watch from Seiko. This watch includes a second hand and the date, so he knows exactly how long until he gets to see you again.


These cute keychains are reminiscent of the necklaces you shared with your best friend in high school. Each one of you gets a piece to carry around with you while you wait to be back together.

Letters To My Love

This book contains 12 letters, each with a different prompt to write about how much their love means to you. Fill out this book and give it to your sweetheart with instructions to open each letter on a certain date for a special message from you.

Personalized Candle

These soy candles come in a ton of scents, so you can be sure to pick his favorite. Better yet, pick YOUR favorite, so he can think of you every time he smells it. They come personalized and with a sweet message, so he knows just how much you miss him!


Available in several different designs, KindNotes are decorative jars filled with 31 notes of love and encouragement. These notes are a perfect little pick me up to make sure your significant other knows how much you care on the days you can’t be together.


You can never go wrong with diamonds. This gorgeous heart necklace will let her know how much you love her and she can think of you every time she wears it.

Gold Rose

You could send her roses every day, or you could send her one long stemmed gold rose. These are gorgeous real roses that have been hand dipped and preserved in 24K gold to last forever. Add a vase or display dome so she can show off your love to her friends.

Fill In The Blank Book

This fun book is a great way to let your loved one know how much you miss them. The pages contain prompts to fill in the blanks with information about your honey and can be as silly or loving as you want it to be for your special relationship.

Echo Show

The latest of Amazon’s devices, the Echo Show is a great way to keep in touch by making it easy to make video calls through Skype or the Alexa app. Additionally, your significant other will enjoy how easy it is to watch shows, check the weather, follow recipes, or utilize thousands of other skills.

Smart Plugs

Stick with me for a second. Smart plugs are a great way to make your sweetheart’s life easier because they can connect to most electronic devices and work with your phone or voice activated device to schedule lights and appliances or turn them on and off when you’re away. You can even use them to communicate with each other by connecting a special lamp in each other’s homes to a smart plug and then using your phone to flash the lights to let them know you’re thinking of them!

Subscription Box

Give them a little excitement every month with a subscription box for something they really love. These subscriptions can be for anything from candy to toiletries, but we like this monthly coffee Bean Box because they can think of you every morning while they’re sampling different brews.

Note Cards

Bring back the age-old tradition of letter-writing with some special stationery. People love getting personal mail and these blank cards are perfect for sending romantic messages to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them. As an added bonus, the gorgeous landscapes on these cards can give you ideas of future excursions you can take together!

Weighted Blanket

Of course you want to be the one to give your sweetie all the hugs, but when you can’t be there, let them cuddle up with a weighted blanket. These blankets are available in weights from 5 lbs to 25 lbs and help your loved one sleep by making them feel like they are being comforted and held all night long.

Audible Subscription

When your sweetheart has to drive long distances to come see you, make the drive a little easier with a membership to Audible. They can get a new book every month to keep each drive entertaining while they count down the miles to see you again. It also works as a distraction when they have to drive away from you again!


If your other half usually flies for your get togethers, you can’t go wrong with a good quality pair of noise cancelling headphones to block out annoying background noise and airplane hum, while providing high-level sound for your listening pleasure. These headphones are connected to the Bose app and can be Alexa enabled to seamlessly enjoy your music, books, make calls, or get information quickly.

Me Without You Book

It’s hard to be apart from the one you love most and this book takes a light-hearted look at how many things simply don’t work without a partner.

Tandem Activity Book

Make the most of your time together with these activities designed for two. This book is filled with games, story ideas and conversation prompts to learn all kinds of things about your partner. The best thing is, you don’t even have to be in the same place to enjoy these activities. Try a long distance date by going through the book together on video chat!

Fortune Cookie Message Holder

Sneak this little fortune cookie in their luggage to find a love note when they get back home. Start a tradition by passing the cookie back and forth with words of love, encouragement, or perhaps something naughty to make them want to get back to you even sooner!

Herschel Travel Bag

This smart-looking duffel is perfect to use as a carry-on or to throw in the car for a quick weekend away. Choose the pattern that speaks to your sweetie in a subtle gray, a fun Hawaiian print, or over 20 other options. This duffel includes reinforced handles and a comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying and several compartments to keep organized – including a separate space for an extra pair of shoes!

We hope that you like our gift ideas for long distance relationships, and that one of them brings a smile to your significant other’s face.