Best Barber Gift Ideas

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When you want to find a good gift for someone, take a look at how they spend their time. Then, try and find a way to enhance that time. Typically, a person’s time is separated into work and leisure. Gifts related to a person’s profession are often well received. So, if you’re looking for a gift for the barber in your life, take a look at our best barber gift ideas right below.


28 Barber Gifts For the Barber In Your Life

1. Barber Shop Rules Sign

Anyone with a sense of humor is sure to appreciate this sign. It would make and absolutely perfect decoration in their place or business, but it would also be a funny thing to hang on a wall at home.

2. Wall Art: Shaving, Razor, Talcum & Scissors

This vintage wall art illustrates all of the tools of the trade. It’s also got kind of an old school vibe which we think plays well with the nostalgia of the profession in general.

3. Keychain

This keychain is a fairly simple and small gift. However, it can be personalized with the recipient’s name. Anyone that cuts hair for a living would probably appreciate this thoughtful idea.

4. Scissor Pouch Holster

This pouch is made of genuine leather, and it makes carrying around the tools of the trade much more convenient. It’s also fairly stylish. For anyone that cuts hair in a couple of different locations or makes an occasional house call, this is a must have item.

5. Swivel Chair Clock

Looking for a cool tchotchke? How about a swivel chair clock? Your really only see these chairs when you go to get a haircut. They are just incredibly unique, and that makes them a nice decoration.

6. Canvas Painting

This painting includes straight razors, scissors, a shaving cream brush, combs and basically everything a person would use in men’s grooming. Add a painting like this to any room, and it will be instantly filled with a bit of cool nostalgia. This fits well at home or a place of business.

7. Waterproof Cloth Gown Cape

Anyone that cuts hair for a living can never have too many gown capes. They wear out over time and are certainly one of the things that creates an impression for clients. Having a nicely designed print makes a big difference in setting the overall tone of the shop.

8. Scented Candles

These candles capture the scent of an old time barbershop. Scents include shaving cream, talc powder and aftershave. For anyone that just can’t enough of the profession at work, why not let them take one of the nicer parts home with them?

9. Socks

Socks are one area where men can inject a bit of fun into their wardrobe. These ones have combs, scissors, hair dryers and other tools of the hair cutting trade. Men that wear shoes between size 7 and 12 will enjoy these socks.

10. Hairapist Wine Glass

Barbers don’t just cut hair. They also form relationships with people in all different walks of life. Sometimes, a haircut is an opportunity for a client to catch up on the latest gossip or shoot the breeze about sports. Other times, a haircut can be a great opportunity to talk through personal challenges with an acquaintance. This wine glass captures that personal guidance aspect of the profession.

11. Lapel Pin Set

In life, the little details can make all of the difference. This lapel pin set includes a straight razor, barber pole, and scissor/comb pins. A nice touch for someone that wants to add a little something to their look.

12. Barber Pole

For anyone that has their own shop, a barber pole is a must have item. This pole is synonymous with men’s hair cutting and grooming. It’s great for increasing foot traffic as everyone walking by will instantly recognize this symbol.

13. Wake Pray Cut Hair All Day T-Shirt

For someone with a little bit of a sense of humor, this t-shirt would be a great thing to wear on the job or off duty. People usually enjoy t-shirts that show off a little bit of their personality. This one is a great conversation piece as well.

14. Patent Art Prints

These patent prints include a swivel chair, straight razor, scissors, and pole. All of these patents were filed between the late 19th and early 20th century. These will add a nice touch in a shop or at home.

15. Custom Plaque Tin Sign

Get this tin sign for someone and tell them how you really feel. This is one of those presents that anyone would be happy to receive. It’s personalized and the fonts are quite aesthetically pleasing.

16. Personalized Mug

Speaking of personalized, this mug would make a nice present for all of the coffee and tea drinkers out there. This is a simple, but thoughtful idea and is sure to be a winner. 

17. Clock

This clock is a functional decoration. With scissors, a comb, a straight razor and a couple of poles, this would look great in a barber shop or at home. The clock itself is 12 inches.

18. Flask

For anyone that enjoys an occasional sip of scotch, whiskey or anything else for that matter, this flask will make a great gift. Now, a flask is one thing, but one that is personalized with some symbols of the hair cutting profession as well as the recipients name is a very nice gift indeed.

19. Barber Pole T-Shirt

A T-shirt like this one would be fun to wear on the job or off duty. It has a simple design and looks quite nice. Besides, just about everyone can use another T-shirt or two.

20. Vintage Print Barber Jacket

As they say, the clothes make the man. This is particularly true of the clothes that someone wears to work. This jacket will help the barber in your life to make a great impression on clients and anyone else that comes into the shop.

21. Canvas Prints

Canvas prints like this one will help set just the right vibe in the shop. It’s small touches like this that help ensure that clients enjoy their haircuts, and keep coming back.

22. Barbershop Vinyl Wall Clock

This clock would make a very cool addition to any barber shop! With its retro vinyl look, amazing detail, and unique material, this clock is sure to be a conversation starter. Made from an actual vinyl record, it will fit in perfectly to any barber shop decor, and adds a little bit of stylish flair!

23. Barber’s Prayer Metal Wallet Card

If your barber takes great pride in his work, he may appreciate this metal wallet card that features the barber’s prayer on it. He can take it wherever he goes, and he will always have a reminder of his faith and his work. The card measures the same size as any standard credit card, so it will fit easily in any card pocket in a wallet.

24. Funny Barber Sign

Let people know that great hair is never by mistake, but rather by appointment, with this cute barber sign that says just that! This 6” x 8” wooden wall hanging would fit nicely anywhere in a barber shop or even their home. Makes a great gift for your favorite barber!

25. Scissors Handle Coffee Mug

This scissor-handle coffee mug is super cool in its design, and is sure to get lots of comments! The handles of the scissors form the mug handle, while the blades of the scissors extend on to the mug itself, making for a very unique 3D look! The mug is ceramic while the handle is made of steel, so it is durable and meant to last!

26. 3-Pieces Stylish Water Spray Bottles

Add a touch of style and flair with these stylish water spray bottles, reminiscent of old whiskey bottles in their shape and writing style. Each bottle features the unique black and white labels, while the square bottle designs complement the look. These 650ml bottles are refillable and feature an adjustable spray nozzle for that perfect spray.

27. Salon Life Baseball Cap

Sometimes when you’re cutting hair, you just need to get your hair out of the way! This “Salon life” baseball cap can help with that, with its cute hair dryer embellishment and writing on the front. Made of 100% cotton, this cap will keep your hair out of your face and your head cool while you work. Perfect for in the barber shop and out in the sunshine, this cap makes a great gift.

28. Hairdresser Travel Tumbler

This 20-ounce travel tumbler is perfect for the barber who loves to have a hot or cold beverage with them while they work. With its double wall vacuum insulated tumbler, it can keep drinks at their right temperature for several hours. Featuring a cute hairdresser saying on the front, this tumbler is sure to delight any barber or hairdresser.

Gifts to Avoid

Wahl Deluxe Clippers

While these clippers are the utmost in precision and strength, you may not want to get your barber a set of clippers as a gift. Not because they wouldn’t use them, but because they may have their own preferences when it comes to the tools that they use. And while the Wahl Deluxe Clippers are excellent quality, there may be another pair that they prefer. Better to give them a gift card to a store that would sell a variety of different clippers, so that they can choose their own.

Professional Hair Scissors

Along with clippers, you may want to let your barber select their own professional pair of hair scissors, so that they can get the pair that best suits them. Scissors come in a wide variety of styles, handles, sharpness, etc. and it would be better to let them choose their own. These scissors are an excellent example of professional hair scissors, but they just might not be the right ones for your barber.

Stinky Candles 

No one wants to sit in a salon that stinks! So, while these hilarious stinky candles are sure to make them laugh, they may not be the best gift to give if they’re planning on using it in the salon. This candle here features the lovely scent of “shart”, which is surely something that people aren’t going to want to smell while having their hair done! Keep the gag gifts for another time.

Hope these barber gift ideas help you to find the perfect gift for your favorite barber. Happy shopping!

By the way, if you’re interested in getting someone a gift outside of their profession, you might look at their favorite hobbies or passions.