About Gift Glide

Welcome to Gift Glide! Thank you for visiting our site, and letting us help you find a great gift for any occasion or recipient. I’m happy that you’re here and would love to share a bit of background.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gift Glide is to help ease the burden of finding a great gift so that gift givers everywhere can enjoy the quest, and bring delight to the people in their lives.

We have spent countless hours thinking through and searching for the right gifts for a whole range of recipients and occasions. We hope you find an idea that hits the mark.

Our Team

Ryan Howard, Founder

Ryan is a father, husband, and dedicated gift giver. After searching long and hard for the perfect gift on many occasions, he started this site in order to help others with gift idea generation.

Barbie Carpenter, Writer

Barbie is an experienced content writer and editor, with a specialization in retail copywriting. She’s also an enthusiastic party planner, which means finding the perfect gift to celebrate every occasion is always on the top of her to-do list.

Sarah Poirier, Writer

Sarah is an experienced teacher, writer, and busy mom of two, which means she is always on the hunt for those perfect gifts to celebrate every occasion. From end-of-school-year celebrations with her students to finding that perfect gift for her own children to open on their birthdays, Sarah loves finding fun and creative ways to celebrate the special people in her life.

Dani Gallagher, Writer

Dani is a mom of two who has always been crazy about holidays. She loves sharing her passion for gift giving with others and being a resource for people who have questions about all things related to presents.