About Us

Exchanging gifts is a wonderful ritual that can commemorate and enhance life’s big moments.  The look on someone’s face when you surprise them with something they have been pining for is wonderful.  When you get someone something they didn’t even know they needed until the instant they saw it, that look of surprise is even better.  While the gratification you receive from giving the perfect gift is highly rewarding, sometimes it is hard to find the time for brainstorming and shopping.  With everything going on in life, the quest to find the right gift can be overwhelming.  That is why we created GiftGlide.

We have spent countless hours thinking through and searching for the right gifts for a whole range of people in your life and occasions that you might be celebrating with them.  In some cases, we hope that people will look at the gift ideas that we have proposed, and make a purchase.  In other cases, we hope that the gift ideas that we suggest will lead someone to have their own idea that is even better.  Often times, getting the thought process started is the hardest part, so we aim to provide a little momentum to get the ball rolling.

We have also done our best to come up with answers to pressing questions that come up in the world of gifting.  For example, what is a push present and should I be getting one?  Or, when is it alright to return gifts?  In many cases, a few helpful guidelines and indications on appropriate etiquette for a given occasion can be extremely useful.

Our mission at GiftGlide is to help ease the burden so that gift givers everywhere can enjoy the quest for the perfect gift, and bring delight to the people in their lives.  Happy shopping!