Tradition Gifts: The Gift Idea that Keeps on Giving

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Sometimes finding the right gift for someone is easy.  You think of the person and light bulbs start flashing with ideas.  More often than not though, it can be a challenge.  You find yourself wondering… do they really need this?  Will they like it?  Do they already have one?  And, that’s if you can even think of a halfway decent idea to begin with.  For that reason, tradition gifts can be a minor miracle.

What is a tradition gift, you ask?  Well, a tradition gift is something that you get for someone each and every year.  The gift giver knows what they are giving and the recipient comes to anticipate it.  That said, tradition gifts need not be boring.  On the contrary.  The time saved in brainstorming from scratch can be spent in selecting the best possible gift in a given category.  Or, the time saved can simply be time saved since for a lot of people there is simply never enough time to go around.

Gifts that need to be replenished

Gifts that need to be replenished with regularity can make excellent tradition gifts.  Anyone that enjoys candles can tell you that they burn out all too soon and must be replaced.  So, why not get them something that they will enjoy.  There can be a bit of creativity here too as there are many varieties of candles.  Some scented, some unscented and in various shapes, sizes and colors.  Some years, you might go for something a bit outside the box, and other years a you might go for something a bit more traditional.  Similarly, coffee, tea and wine are enjoyed as they are consumed.  While you might know that the recipient always drinks Cabernet from a particular winery, this is a good opportunity to give them something just a little different to try out.

Collections that can be built over the years make excellent tradition gifts

Helping someone to build a collection can be truly rewarding over time.  You might help them to build a collection of artwork, stamps, coins, marbles or anything else that can be collected.  If you are looking for something more functional, perhaps it’s a certain piece of cookware each year or a new tool for their tool box.  For the more fashion minded, a particular piece of jewelry or a necktie might work well.  Or, riffing on the coffee/tea theme above, you might add a new mug each year to go along with beans and leaves.  If this is a Christmas gift, consider getting them an ornament or a nutcracker each year.  20  years from now, their tree will be extremely well decorated and they will have a wooden army set up around the house.

The amazing thing about collections is that as they grow over time.  Each addition almost becomes a little more meaningful than the last one.  In addition, the recipient is reminded each year of all the gifts that have come in years past.

Gifts that become obsolete after a year

There are certain gifts that simply must be replaced each year as time marches on.  Calendars come to mind right away.  For any occasion that falls near the end of one year or the beginning of another this can be a nice idea.  There is plenty of variation as well as you can pick a theme that the person likes – classical artwork, photos of animals, nature or anything else.  Subscriptions can also be a nice annual idea.  Whether it’s a magazine, cheese of the month club, or streaming TV service, the recipient will have a year to enjoy the gift and then find themselves in need of a renewal.  This of course sets the table nicely for next year.

Particular articles of clothing

There are certain types of clothing that make very nice gifts.  For example, pajamas.  While you might be reluctant to buy someone a new pair of jeans because you don’t exactly know their style, waist and leg measurements, there are no such issues with pajamas.  Yes, you need to know if they wear small, medium, or large, but style is much less important since these are worn primarily around the house.  They also tend to wear out, making them a great annual gift.  Of course, there are plenty of other options.  You might get someone a new scarf or hat every year.  Or, perhaps a new sweater or sweatshirt.

Tradition gifts are truly gift ideas that keep on giving.  Once you have the initial inspiration, you are set for life at least when it comes to that one person.