Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Just like clockwork Valentine’s Day is here again.  Often referred to as the Super Bowl of romantic dates, the stakes are high on this day.  Play your cards right, and you might create a lifelong memory with the one you love.  On the other hand, one false move, and you might find yourself back on the singles market.  Ok, maybe things aren’t that extreme.  This is a pretty special day though.  For budding romances, this is a day to take your relationship to the next level, and for married couples this is as good a time as any to recapture the magic.  The only question is what to do on this special day?  There is the always enjoyable night out at at great restaurant, but what if you want to do something a bit more special since Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year?  GiftGlide has a few ideas that might just get your creative juices flowing.

Table stakes

While you’re busy thinking up extravagant things to do on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to cover the basics.  For starters, something sweet like a box of chocolates or some chocolate covered strawberries will do the trick.  Maybe pick out a heart warming card.  This one is optional, but really there is little downside in doing it.  Finally, and by far most importantly, fresh cut roses.  If for some reason, you can only manage to do one thing all day, this is it.  Rushed in the morning and don’t have time to shower?  No big deal.  Had to skip breakfast and lunch?  Great, you’ll be hungry for dinner.  No time to shave?  Maybe she likes you with a little scruff.  No time to pick up roses?  Houston we have a problem.  Make time to pick up roses at the store or order them online.  Just don’t show up without them on your big night out.

An unforgettable Valentine’s Day

Maybe last year, you went out to a great dinner, and maybe you can do that again this year, and next year, and the year after.  It’s hard to beat good food in a nice atmosphere with your girl.  Every once in a while though, it’s worth reaching a little further and trying to do something that will blow her away.  Here are a few ideas:

Cooking – This idea comes in a number of different flavors.  If you’re a bit of a chef, you might try cooking a gourmet meal for her before she arrives instead of planning a night on the town.  Or, you might simply plan a great meal, shop for all of the ingredients and then prepare the dinner together.  In today’s busy world, it’s often tough to find more than a half an hour to prepare a meal.  So, on an evening free of interruptions, why not open up a bottle of wine and put your collective culinary skills to the test?  Another twist on cooking is for the two of you to attend a cooking class.  The less you know your way around in the kitchen, the more fun this one is likely to be.

Boat cruise – If you happen to live by the water, a boat cruise can be a blast.  This can be an all inclusive magical evening complete with dinner, wine, dessert and stunning views.  Or, it might be something with lighter fare to be taken in before or after dinner.

Helicopter tour – If you live near a major city or a particularly scenic area, a helicopter tour can be a nice surprise in an otherwise typical evening.  For people that have never been on a helicopter, this can be a bit of an adventure and a chance to look at the world from a new point of view.  This is also likely to be the last thing that your date is expecting, and gives the evening an element of astonishment.  These rides are usually fairly short (think ~15 minutes in the air plus some time on the ground before hand) and can be slipped in before dinner.

Horse drawn carriage – You see people riding around in these once in a while, why not indulge in this treat on Valentine’s Day?  This isn’t an evening in and of itself but it will enhance the night if you take one before or after a nice meal.

Class – Cooking classes are mentioned above, but there are a whole range of other activities that might be fun.  Perhaps a class in painting or pottery?  Depending on your level of expertise, this might even give you and your date something to laugh about over dinner later.

Take in a show – When was the last time you took in a play or a night at the opera?  Valentine’s Day is a great time for something like this.  You might consider a movie as well, particularly one at a high end theater with comfortable seating – tread carefully though as a couple or hours staring at a screen is not necessarily the way to create lasting memories.

The gift: what to give and when to give it

What evening would be complete without the perfect gift?  Here are a few ideas for him and her.  Oh, and if this is a brand new relationship, you might take a look at this.  But when should you give this special gift?  Without question, flowers should be given right at the beginning to set the tone.  The timing for the rest all depends on the gift itself.  If you get her a new handbag, it might be nice to give it to her just as things are kicking off so she can bring it on your date.  On the other hand, jewelry is small enough to carry with you all evening.  So, why not surprise her with a necklace or earrings during dinner?  If you are getting her a comfy robe, perhaps wait until after you return so she has something nice to slip into.

This should have you ready for the perfect night out.  Have fun!

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