Best Gifts For Widows

The loss of a loved one can be a very difficult thing. Losing a husband can be particularly hard hitting. When someone that you are close to loses their husband, your time is one of the most valuable things that you can give. Help with dinner, picking up kids, running errands, cleaning or anything else. All of these things will be appreciated. The right gift for someone that is grieving can also be really thoughtful. For that reason, we have put together a list of the best gifts for widows that we could come up with. Some of these gifts are comforting or a way to remember her husband. Other gifts are simply helpful with the day-to-day things that a new widow has to deal with (and may not feel like dealing with). Hopefully these gifts ideas for widows can make a difference in someone’s life.

Thoughtful Gifts For Widows

1. Some new widows don’t want to read, and some feel like they aren’t able to focus on anything. Others take comfort in reading, as it can be comforting to know that others have gone through this experience. It’s OK That You’re Not OK is a book that has helped a lot of widows through a difficult time

2. A Widow’s Journey: Reflections on Walking Alone is another helpful book for grieving widows that are trying to figure out how to cope with life after losing their husband

3. A body pillow can be a nice idea for someone that is not used to sleeping alone. Night time can be one of the most challenging since that is a time when people are alone with their thoughts, and may have trouble sleeping

4. You might get her a pillow with her husband’s picture on it. This can be something comforting to hug or hold when thinking about him

5. This bracelet says Until we meet again in Morse code, and it can be something for her to wear to feel close to her husband

6. This locket can hold a photo of her husband. Something else for her to carry with her all the time

7. Writing can be a really helpful way for people to process their thoughts and emotions. A journal can be a perfect way to write down her thoughts or even to write letters to her loved one8. You might even get her a nice pen to go along with the journal above

9. A plant can be a nice gift for a widow since it is a reminder of life

10. A tree can be a nice gift as well for a similar reason. In addition, a tree grows over time and can be a reminder that time is passing

11. This Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted figure may partially express how she is feeling

12. A necklace with his name on it, so that she can take him with her wherever she goes13. These memory boxes will help her to sort through and occasionally revisit different memories, photos and keepsakes. Sorting through old possessions can be a helpful way to help the grieving process

14. This candle is a perfect way of remembering someone that has passed on

15. The holidays can be a particularly trying time for a widow. This Christmas ornament can be a nice way for her to remember her husband

16. If she enjoys coffee, you might get her a Starbucks gift card. That way, she won’t feel bad treating herself to something nice once in a while to brighten her mood

17. For that matter, an Amazon eGift Card can be a great gift for a widow since she can order just about anything she wants

Practical Gifts For New Widows

A lot of new widows do not feel like getting out of bed in the morning, much less handling all of the various chores that life involves. For this reason, getting her food and supplies to help her get through the day can be hugely helpful.

18. This Sympathy Classic Gourmet Fruit Basket Gift comes with fresh food and snacks. It will be nice for her to have some food around the house and can brighten her mood as well

19. Easy meals and comfort foods can be really nice to have on hand. Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese fits the bill

20. On a similar note, send her the Ultimate Snack Care Package

21. Coffee can be a nice thing to have on hand. Make sure to help her maintain a good supply. This is very helpful for those days when she might not feel like getting out of bed

22. You might even send her some coffee filters just to make sure she doesn’t run out

23. If she is more of a tea drinker, you might send her this Tea Variety Gift Box

24. Then, there are your basics like tissues. A new widow that is grieving can pretty much never have too many tissues

25. It can also be helpful to have paper plates. It might sound almost trivial, but not having to do the dishes every night can make life just a little easier

26. Plastic utensils can be really helpful for the same reason of not wanting to do dishes every night

27. While we are saving her the trouble of dong dishes, it can be a good idea to include plastic cups

28. Along similar lines, send her some napkins

29. Paper towels can be a good thing to have on hand

30. Food storage containers can be a nice gift for a new widow. This is particularly great if you are able to fill it with some home made food, which she is sure to appreciate

There is just no easy way to get through the grieving period after the loss of a loved one. These things just happen on their own time line. That said, there are certainly things that you can do to help ease the pain a little.

Spending time with someone that has gone through a loss can be really helpful. Sometimes, that might mean talking with her about her husband. Other times, that might mean doing something fun to try and help her take her mind off things.

Beyond spending time with her, getting thoughtful gifts for widows can go a long way. This is particularly true if you live far away and aren’t able to see her as often as you like. Hope these ideas help.

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